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Many people commonly ask us "What is Paganism?" Put basically, Paganism is a spirituality that stems back to the most ancient recorded beliefs. Today, Paganism is an 'umbrella term' which collectively describes multiple different spiritual paths, such as Wicca, Heathenism, Druidry and other paths that are less commonly known. Such paths could encompass beliefs in: a God and Goddess; Multiple Gods and Goddesses; spirits; the elements; Faeries; nature; and the Earth and our place in it.

Upon learning about the many different paths in Paganism, some people may take a combination of different elements of each path to create theie own personal eclectic beliefs to follow (or as we call it, Pick'n'Mix Pagans!)

Many people regard Paganism as a belief in the 'supernatural', however, we celebrate the most natural of cycles - the phases of the moon and the sun, the seasons and the elements.