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Codename: 'Marie'


Hi everyone :) Nice to meet you all! I've just finished my first year at Uni, and out of everything I've been doing, Pagan Soc has been one of the best. Everyone's lovely (though slightly mad) and they even managed to get me talking, which must've been hard due to how shy i was back then (which is why i'm not facing the camera, silly me). I'm studying Japanese and TESOL, both of which are awesome. I love baking, doing weird circus-y things and doodling. Even when none of these things are what i'm meant to be doing =p I hope to meet you all soon!



Codename: ‘S’


Hi! What can I say about me??! I’m weird (which probably explains why I chose a picture of myself wearing face paint for the whole world to see on here!), quiet (until you get to know me), and don’t even know the meaning of sarcasm(!)

I joined Pagan Soc in my 1st year of Uni, and after swearing I’d never be on the committee, was elected for my first turn 6 months later, and they haven’t gotten rid of me since! (even though I moved away for a gap year!)

I don’t really have a fully formulated Pagan Path. The best description would probably be ‘eclectic’ (or pick & mix!) I’m pretty open-minded about all the different views and take from that what feels right for me!



Name: Mark

Hello there! My melon alcohol is being held hostage by the chairperson until I've finished this introduction... so I'm introducing myself. I really love pagan soc because we do loads of fun stuff, like drink and play twister and wear togas. Not all at the same time... yet... Anyway, I'm studying Japanese and Tesol. I really like Tesol! My interests include watching lots of films, listening to lots of music (in particular 70s prog) and baking Biscuits, breads, cakes... get me my apron and I'll make 'em!

(Note from Marie - alcohol has been restored to its rightful owner)



Name: 'G'

Hi there lovely pagans. I am "G" the crazy spurgle secretary of pagan soc. I am an eccentric and known for it. :):) I am a practising Heathen. My particular interests lie in Sami Shamanic practises, the native magical practices of northern Europe and the spirit/ land of Lancashire. I am a post graduate law student and work in legal aid. I have been with pagan soc now for seven academic years which feels like a lifetime. I love camping and hiking and connecting with the local Lancashire landscape. I also love to connect with the local pubs of Lancashire, nothing like connecting with the spirits in there :). I love this society and think of it as my home. I have had the best years of my life here. And hope that you can to.

General Support

Name: Matt

Hi everyone im Matt one of this years two General Support officers. This is my third year of Uni and being a member of Pagan Soc and each year has been incredibly interesting and fun. Pagan Soc caters well to all its members even those who are not partially religious. My interests include good food and drink, cooking and rambling.

General Support

Name: Owain